Mazars Responsible Procurement Policy

The Executive Committee of Mazars in Switzerland recognizes the company’s responsibility on the environment, social and ethical impacts within its supply chain. By incorporating this ambition in our procurement decisions, we intent to increase the capacity for Earth biosphere and human civilization to co-exist.

Supplier prioritisation

We will favour suppliers that are committed to the following sustainable and ethical practices:

Reduce the environmental impacts through:

  • Minimize the use of resources, including energy, water and materials
  • Decrease emissions, noise and waste
  • Integrate the life-cycle of products
  • Encourage local sourcing and optimize logistics management

Acknowledge their social conscience through:

  • Respect Human Rights and comply with International Labour Organization (ILO) standards
  • Prohibit child labour, forced labour, slavery and human trafficking
  • Promote equality, diversity, respect and dignity
  • Consider Well-Being of employees, including health and safety, work/life balance, protection against harassment

Demonstrate honest and ethical behaviour through:

  • Maintain awareness of and ensure compliance with applicable legislation
  • Forbid money laundering, bribery and corruption in business practices
  • Demonstrate transparency and traceability in the whole supply chain
  • Preserve confidentiality of all information

Promotion of responsible practices

Mazars has developed a Supplier Code of Conduct and expects that all suppliers comply with. Mazars commits to engage with all suppliers to encourage continuous improvement in their environment, social and ethical performance.


Mazars Group_​Supplier CoC