Beyond the GAAP no.66 - April 2013

At a time when the American organisations are appointing new leaders to both the FASB and the SEC, the IASB is continuing its work, and expects to see an exceptional number of publications in 2013.
Key documents such as the second exposure draft on leases, or the exposure draft on insurance contracts, are due for publication before the end of June. The final standards on revenue recognition and hedge accounting should follow soon after.
In the meantime, Beyond the GAAP invites you to take a look at the IASB’s proposals for the impairment of financial assets on the basis of expected losses. After the 2009 and 2011 publications, has the IASB finally arrived at a definitive model?

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  • IFRS standards                                                                  
  • European matters                                                      
  • France                                                                                

A Closer Look

  • What is in the new draft standard on impairment of financial assets (Phase II of IRFS 9)?              

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IFRS Newsletter - April 2013
IFRS Newsletter - April 2013
Newsletter IFRS - avril 2013
Newsletter IFRS - avril 2013