Worn in the USA

Europa Star - January 2018

An analysis of the US Watch market by Julie Petit and Marielle Fontbonne

It is probably the avant-garde of world markets in terms of smartwatch sales: American buyers are looking both for connection and for vintage prestige. Is the watch market moving towards greater fragmentation?

The US watch market registered a decline in imports back in 2016 (-11.8%), reflecting the challenging situation experienced by this market in terms of sales. This downturn is mainly attributed to the soft local demand, the increase in sales at bargain prices from outside authorised distribution channels (e-commerce sites), the strong US dollar and the political tensions which negatively impacted flows of tourists, who are key consumers of watches in the US. This trend continued as of June 30, 2017 with a decline in watches of 6% in both volume and current value, although the last few months have shown the first signs of stabilisation. However, the US remains one of the biggest markets worldwide for personal luxury goods and high-end watches.

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Worn in the USA - Europa Star
Worn in the USA - Europa Star