Secondment services for the trading sector

For several months now, companies in the Swiss trading sector have been impacted, like other sectors of the economy, by the global health crisis. In this context, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of your key internal functions such as your Finance or HR department is a central element to steer your company through this crisis.

Our secondment services team, consisting of employees with in-depth knowledge of the Trading sector, helps you find efficient and reliable solutions to deal with emergencies and unforeseen events. It also assists you proactively in order to preserve your future.

Our tailored solutions

  • We cover the absence of a member of your team as soon as possible and for the period that suits you. We make sure that your team does not lose any of its know-how.
  • We relieve your employees during critical periods to enable them to fulfil their tasks in the best possible conditions.
  • We provide personalised support in the management of your strategic and operational projects. We solve organisational and accounting problems related to complex operations (restructuring, reorganisation of the finance function, changes in accounting standards or IT systems).
  • We advise you in the development of your company or intervene during the creation of your new subsidiary. We provide you with the appropriate solutions, taking into account your strategy and the applicable regulatory environment.
  • We help you to cope with a loss of control over your accounts, to restore order to deficient accounting, to secure closing processes and to optimise resources.
  • We intervene beforehand to prevent an emergency situation, thus limiting risks linked to the loss of a key employee in your organisation. We also offer to analyse and document your processes to ensure the continuity of your financial and payroll management services.

Your added value

  • Immediately operational and well-versed skills in accounting, tax and social issues
  • Access to multidisciplinary and industry-specific specialists
  • Flexible resources adapted to the evolution of your needs
  • Optimal know-how transfer in the absence of a team member
  • Personalised advice and support, both strategic and operational
  • Saving time thanks to the commitment of motivated and appropriate resources


Flyer_Secondment services_Trading
Flyer_​Secondment services_​Trading